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Be the owner your dog deserves

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None of the show decisions are made based on paid promotions or kickbacks.

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May 31, 2021

We're concluding How to find the best dog trainer series with K-9 Mentalist Ryan Matthews. I met Ryan while I was attending the first school to become a dog trainer. We quickly became great friends, and in time we became "brothers from other parents."  

We wanted to concluded the series with Ryan, because of...

May 25, 2021

We continue How to find the best dog trainer series with the visionary owner of Paws & Possibilities.

Kim Greco.

Before training dogs, Kim trained horses, dolphins, polar bears, and professional animal trainers.

We invited her to discuss dog training techniques and philosophies to help you find the best dog...

May 18, 2021

How to Find the Best Dog Trainer for you and your dog.

Dog Training is NOT a regulated industry.

To be the owner your dog deserves, you want to learn to communicate with your dog. Which is different than just barking orders for your dog to obey.

Finding the right dog trainer can be the difference between happy,...

May 11, 2021

Walk your dog human. They need it.

For your dog walking is so much more than just "walking."

What are the 3 most common excuses

people use for not walking their dog?

1) I have a big yard.

2) I have another dog, they play all day 

3) Pulls on the leash, so much it's annoying

Every time we go for a walk it is an...

May 4, 2021


Getting a new dog is likely to be the best day for a new owner.

Whether it's a new puppy you got from a breeder or a dog you just rescued there are right and wrong ways to bring your new dog into your home.

I received countless calls from people whose loving dog turned into "Kujo" at the sight of the lovely new...